Dianne's Story

Dianne's Story - In the Beginning


It started with a dream, repetitive and about a gift I was to receive… I had no idea what the gift could be!! I just knew it would be special.
The journey was unknown yet in my heart I knew it would be enjoyed and an important pathway for me to travel … WHY??
Only Divine Guidance knew those answers!!

My dear friend Karen offered to look after me. We had met when she came to one of my meditation classes. Another dear friend Katrice had connected us… and so began our plans to travel to a place called WILPENA POUND in South Australia on a whim of a dream that promised gifts.

Luckily Karen was an outdoorsy, well travelled, Mother Earth type. So I knew that together we could handle anything - I was an inexperienced traveller myself!!

So we were to follow my feelings, a knowingness about singing to ley lines that were situated somewhere in Wilpena pound (later verified to really exist called grid 44) and to receive a gift and find a cave along the way!!! Life sure is one big adventure… and the beauty was that Karen was game to travel with me with those instructions… a real gem she is!!!

Karen was a musician, well at least I knew she could play a great guitar around a campfire so who better to sing with me at the ley lines. So here we go…

My usual preparation…TRUST…
I KNEW Karen would take care of the practical how to's and other than that each moment would be an adventure. Always the universe provides when the timing is right so we would be where we should be when we were suppose to be there… yes Karen struggled a tad with that too but soon she believed for it was a blessed journey. Our favourite saying was 'YOU HAD TO BE THERE TO BELIEVE IT!"

Synchronicity and knowing everything is in Divine and perfect order right now… a philosophy I choose to follow.

The journey was definitely blessed

We fitted all of our stuff in the car. We even had room for my AGNIHOTRA Healing Fire for 5am starts (that is another story but I will say Karen is… NOT A MORNING PERSON)

I had been communicating with a fellow healer from New Zealand . Long story but the short version was our connection on an energy level led me to believe he was my soul mate. Our phone calls resulted in him coming on our journey… well he was coming up until the last minute- thank goodness he was delayed - for there was no room in the car!! His absence inspired our first song "get over it" and I will always thank him for the opportunity to feel so deeply that it opened me to another side of my personality and gave me the opportunity to address my shadow side, to feel with such passion and gusto. To experience rage, anger and all those negatives I could usually contain and to unleash the monster that sat deep in my soul. To finally release it all to find a gentle creative being with music to tell the tales and maybe help heal our beautiful planet.

The relationship was about writing these songs and I thank him for all the learning, knowing and truth our journey together provided Oh Grasshopper unconditional love is TRUTH .

So back to Karen and I . We sang on the road off the road, in the morning, middle of the day and nights before I fell asleep, in fact , all the time… Music carried us along the dusty roads and the songs flowed. Thank goodness for the video camera that captured spontaneous moments.

To Karen, I thank you for coming on this journey with me for including me, supporting me, listening to me, advising me, being my mirror and voice of truth, loving me and laughing with me, singing and creating with me and for being you.
Friendship, unconditional love and song were the gifts and as promised .I sure did receive them on my memorable journey across the Australian desert.

In light, love and song,