Elementals Voice

(Copyright © 2004 B. Bekric K. Clarke D. Butler
Words V. W. ( Bill ) Bekric Music Karen Clarke and Dianne Butler


You call me wind & rain & fire, & complain about the weather,
I am so much more in fact, eternal, last forever.
I'm the place that you were given, to populate & sow.
A love of beauty, strength & grace, you were granted this I know.
But your greed it is your downfall, to destroy you deem your right.
To cut, & dam & slaughter, is there, no hope left, in sight?

Elementals, nature's people, alive in every tree.
In rivers, mountains, deserts, on land in air and sea.
But you abuse me violate……late me, soon nothing will be left.
Our god you have forgotten, our children you've bereft.
No more green grass, blue sea, white, clouds.
No more good & clean & fine. Only waste and desolation.
God forsaken planet mine

Cut down all the native forest, pollute all the living sea.
Kill off all the ocean mammals, why not, you're killing me.
You were placed here just as I was, merely one part of a whole.
When destroyed then there is nothing, as a race, where is your soul.