Supporting Cast


Karen (alias KC) and Dianne make up That's That a songwriting and performing duo that believe in having fun, getting over yourself and looking after our planet. Their first CD arose from their travels through Australia's outback and resulted in a meditation CD of sounds and chants. The album These Shoes Grow Wings is their first CD of songs combining a blend of folk, jazz and spiritual messages.All Songs are written and performed by Karen Clarke and Dianne Butler in collaboration with some wonderful people. !!!Tim Sheumack and Martin Rahardt contributed significantly to the making of this CD and our vision.

Tim Sheumack is our Angel of Technology and musician extraordinaire. If you need help recording your CD you will find Tim on the Central Coast of Australia and he can be contacted by e-mail   (

Martin Rahardt is our drummer and poet. He contributed to the writing of Planetary Caretakers with an inspirational beat and beautiful words for the bridge. You will find words from Martin's beautiful poetry in the song Dawn pondering on the beauty and joy one can find in a simple moment.

Ruth Anderson has been with us all along with encouragement and support giving us energy and confidence to follow a dream. Ruth thank you for that wonderful weekend of songwriting at Barrington River surrounded by Australia's bush, rushing water and the nature spirits seen by, at least, one of us!

Christine Dowman thank you for your repeated listening, enthusiasm and creative inspiration. The motivating support from yourself, Ruth and Lelia gave us the faith to keep going.

A big thank you to Ian Harlen who believed we could write songs and record a CD well before any of the songs had been written.

Elemental's Voice is a very special song with powerful words from the unseen spirits that coexist on our planet. The words to the song found us through Bill Bekric. The nature spirits visited Bill Bekric one night in his dreams and gave him the words. It was their message and we felt it belonged on the CD. We credit the lyrics to Bill and thank him for allowing us to change the music so we could sing the harmonies he was told would come.

Karen Tuff (alias Kazza) dedicated many hours to sing, practice and perform with us. She writes and performs country music. We call her the Karaoke Queen of the Central Coast and you'll hear here singing around the coast and up at Tamworth with TJ Ray. She recently turned her talents to Bass Playing and is known for being adaptable to any new musical challenge. Kazza arranged our second gig. Her delightful nature and musicality added to our work.

Our first gig came about when Jo Snaith our web designer and webmaster heard us around a camp fire and talked us into playing at a gay fundraiser. We had major sound problems at the gig and it is amazing we didn't give up after that experience. .

Lisa Smillie helped us with a number of songs and gave us moral support. Some of these songs are waiting to find there way onto our next CD. Her input into the arrangement of Energy Moves brought it to life and we thank you for the singing tips.

Kez ( alias Kerry Hill) helped with the arrangement of My Little Girl and we have an early version were she sang with us. She is a singer songwriter in her own right and a bit psychic!!! Though she doesn't readily admit it. She made the connection to Katrice a wonderful clairvoyant living on the Central Coast. Katrice brought us together and this lead to the creation of That's That. Bugger off Baby ended up as Dianne's personal power song but we thank Kez, Christine and the dicaphone who started it!

Katrina, Dan and Pat you were all a part of the core group. Thank you TJ Ray, Steve Smillie, Karen's guitars, the drums and all the Light Beings that work with us. To Dianne, Martin and Karen Tuff's children thank you for all your support and patience. Finally Stephen Clarke thank you for the marvellous art work - you really made the shoes grow wings.

Singing in Harmony is Joyous Pleasure - We Feel Blessed!!!!!

Dianne and Karen
That's That